5 Things You should know


FACT:   Infrared cameras are also used daily by the: Military, Firemen, Weather Bureau, Doctors.

FACT:   Infrared thermal cameras can see hidden leak issues that are invisible to the human eye.  

FACT:   These thermal imaging cameras are non-invasive, safe and accurate. 

FACT:    Since they're non-invasive, you can save thousands of dollars by avoiding needless demo.

FACT:    Here are a few of the benefits:

     1)      NO MORE GUESSING


     3)      NO DAMAGE TO YOUR HOME (eliminate random demo used by others)

     4)      YOU SAVE MONEY ON REPAIRS (by pinpointing the cause of the leak up-front)

     5)      YOU CAN CONFIRM REPAIRS WERE DONE RIGHT (by 'seeing' inside walls)


Having a hidden water leak, water damage, or water intrusion can be frustrating - especially if you cannot determine the cause.  All too often Contractors want to rip open sheet rock on walls or ceilings to "find" a leak.  We don't believe in that.  

We use science and technology like thermal imaging cameras and over 35 years of practical construction knowledge to help.  No more guesswork.  No more alibis from contractors.  We routinely use our infrared thermal imaging technology to find hidden water leaks, broken pipes (that no one could find) and those pesky roof leaks.   

Don't be fooled by the impostors.  We have been pioneering the use of infrared thermal imaging in construction and inspections since 1986.  Call the experts:  Destin Leak Detection.  You'll be glad you did.

We had a lot of frustration with troublesome water leaks into our house, and not knowing who to call. A roofer, a window installer, a plumber or a contractor?

Fortunately, we found Destin Leak Detection. Jack Tarry is the owner and arrived with all the latest equipment, including a thermal imaging camera.

He was able to ‘see’ moisture in the walls , and with his extensive background of construction, was able to pinpoint all the problem areas. He even found some other areas where water was leaking within the walls that we had no idea about.

After explaining everything and answering all our questions, he followed up by finding us the best roofer for our problem, and was even available on site while they made the repairs.

This was over and above what was expected, and exceeded our expectations. Not something you see much nowadays. We couldn’t be happier with the results, and I’m sure we have saved a lot of money now and in the future, by knowing exactly what needed fixing. I highly recommend this company!


Destin Leak Detection Happy Customers

Destin Leak Detection Happy Customers

Thermal image of a hot water pipe pinhole leak in a slab.

Thermal image of a hot water pipe pinhole leak in a slab.

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