FACT:   Water intrusion is a major cause of structural damage and litigation.

FACT:   Billions of dollars are spent annually to fight the harmful effects of the water damage resulting from water intrusion occurring from weather events, leaky roofs, leaky windows, or broken pipes

FACT:   Water damage resulting from water invading the building envelope is second only to a fire in terms of the damage it can bring to a building and to the health of the occupants of that structure. 

FACT:   How can this be?  Because it is often too late by the time  property owners discover things hidden water inside of a wall, or water damaged ceilings.  Hidden dry rot, damage to structural framing, and health issues often follow a water damage event.

In 2014 alone, water intrusion resulted in damage costs exceeding NINE BILLION DOLLARS.   

Under the right conditions, roofs, walls, doors, windows, or grade and below-grade conditions allow water to enter.  Further, if left unchecked, hidden water intrusion can cause serious damage to the structure.  A chain of events can be set in motion that may cost thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. This includes pest and termite infestation that can wreak havoc on the structural members of your home or business.

In areas like Destin, Florida, water intrusion from events like hurricanes or other storms can drastically increase the physical damage to a structure - leading to even higher-cost remediation and repairs. For many, water leaks can be like a plague that just simply will not go away. This is the case when it brings indoor air-quality issues and even toxic mold problems that harm occupants living inside.  

It stands to reason that you want to 

        1)     Determine IF there is water intrusion

        2)     Perform a Water Intrusion Evaluation (what is the scope)

        3)     Determine the CAUSE 

        4)     REMEDIATE the water damage (based on the water intrusion evaluation)

        5)     CORRECT THE CAUSE ( and re-test repairs by Water Spray Testing)


Typical slab leak below grade

Typical slab leak below grade

Thermal image of a hot water pipe pinhole leak in a slab.

Thermal image of a hot water pipe pinhole leak in a slab.

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